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  • Deductible waiverfor your first two accidents. In the event your car is deemed a total loss, we pay for your car plus $10,000.00.Mexican pesos.
  • • TERSSA "Unique in Mexico" -Covers your vehicle’s physical damages caused by an uninsured driver. You will not waist your time at the public prosecutor’s office, be left without a car because it was towed away,or pay a fine for the days they keep your car.
  • *For this coverage to apply, the damage must be less than $10,000
  • If you were involved in an accident and your car is at the bodyshop, El Aguila gives you a Free Replacement Car for 5 days.
  • Rewarding our customer’s loyalty, we give a coupon for your deductible payments upon the renewal of your policy.
  • If you contracted your policy on a monthly or quarterly basis, you already have the following benefits:
  • • The current cost of your policy is frozen for 2 years, in other words, you will keep the same cost for 2 years.
  • • The subscription conditions are maintained during the entire life of the policy.
  • You next renewal will be automatic, including these benefits, in the event you do not accept them, please call:
  • 54 - 88 - 88 - 50
  • Bodyshops “Certified” by us regarding their structure and procedures.
  • Pre-authorized bodyshops having the authority to start working immediately on the repairs.
  • The appraisals are remotely authorized through “Audatex” electronic appraisal system which allows us streamline the whole repair process..
  • “Águila Class” repair bodyshops offer a 6-month warranty in all repair jobs.

Servicios de altura

¡Servicio y calidad con Seguro de Autos El Aguila! Conoce los servicios de altura que El Aguila tiene para ti y tu familia. Seguros El Aguila cuenta con exclentes beneficios para ti y tu familia, asegura tu patrimonio desde hoy. Obtén deducible en daños y robo de auto, asesoría y responsabilidad civil, gastos médicos, asistencia vial, así como asesoria y defensa legal. Los servicios de seguro con la mayor cobertura en México. Con nuestra cobertura no sólo te brindamos protección total para tu automóvil, sino que además tienes derecho a nuestros beneficios exclusivos, ¿sabías que con seguros El Aguila no pagas deducible en tus primeros dos accidentes? Con nuestra cobertura te pagamos tu auto en caso de pérdida total. Seguros El Aguila. ¡Comienza hoy!

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