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El Aguila, Compañía de Seguros, S.A. de C.V., is a company owned by GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP, an American corporation, member of AMERICAN FINANCIAL GROUP (AFG). AFG is ranked as A+ by A.M. Best rating agency, and lists its shares in the New York Stock Exchange. Furthermore, it has assets for over 13 billion dollars. El Aguila is a company specialized in auto insurance, operating in the Mexican market, using innovative underwriting schemes.


We are an insurance company specialized in the private auto segment. We are in contact with our customers through multiple channels and we constantly strive for their satisfaction. We comprehensively evaluate the risk taking into consideration the driver’s characteristics. We create value for our shareholders and collaborators through the innovation and recognition of our brand.


We want to be the first option for the customer when purchasing autoinsurance, maintaining a high level of recognition because of the expertise and professionalism of our collaborators. Our goal is to ensure the protection of our customers’ equity, always offering trustworthy solutions, a customized service and a network of high quality providers.


INTEGRITY: Ensure that each collaborator demonstrates, by his/herdeeds,responsibility, righteousness, honesty, consistency and commitment to the company and the customers.

TEAM WORK: Achieve results through respect, confidence, cooperation and support among all of the company’s collaborators, aknowleging the importance of good communication and valuing other people’s time.

INNOVATION: Offering creative and flexible products, services and processes to our customers, without losing sight of the target set by the company.

EFFICIENCY: Optimize resources to achieve our goals by offering quality in customer service.

SERVICE: Treat our customers, suppliers and collaborators with warmth and kindness, providing accurate and timely information, creating faithfulness and trust.

About Us

El Aguila is an insurance agent with more than 20 years of experience that uses the best practices to provide security and tranquility to families in Mexico. Know the insurance options offered by El Aguila and receive the best coverage in material damages, theft, partial damages and total loss of your car. El Aguila offers packages for medical expenses, unlimited road assistance and legal defense. Save money and protect your assets, ask about the requirements to contract your insurance with El Aguila. With El Aguila, feel protected at any time. Get the most coverage for your car and the damages it causes to third parties, with El Aguila car insurance. El Aguila, Compañía de Seguros, S.A. de C.V., a company owned by the American corporation GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP.

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